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This volume will provide a comprehensive overview of the recent developments that have impacted decision-making processes within the field of end-of-life care. The most current developments in all aspects of major underlying issues such as public attitudes, the impact of media, bioethics, and legal precedent will provide the background information for the text. A series of chapters examines various aspects of end-of-life choices and decision-making, including communication (between and among family, medical personnel, the dying person, etc.), advance directives, and the emergence of hospice and palliative care institutions. The book also explores a variety of psychosocial considerations that arise in decision-making, including religion/spirituality, family caregiving, disenfranchised and diverse groups, and the psychological and psychiatric problems that can impact both the dying person and loved ones. Additionally, a number of moving first-person stories about decision-making, written by professionals in the field, bring a uniquely personal touch to the text.
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