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GameReplays caters to everyone from the new player to the top level veteran. We do this because we're the same people that started off as newbies and worked their way up to being RTS experts. We know what makes gaming fun, and we know what makes it frustrating. This site exists for the purpose of making online gaming the best experience it can possibly be.

Replays and strategies for RTS games are our speciality, gaming and community are our passion. We've been perfecting the art of blending these together for over 2 years now, and in the process we forged one of the largest, most coherent, and most useful forum system ever built.

If you browse read our portals, browse our forums, and watch our replays, you will become a better player at your favorite game. There's no other site on the internet that covers multiplayer gaming for the games we support better than we do. Our dedicated Replay Reviewers and Strategy Specialists help highlight the subtle yet important aspects of our RTS games.

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