- redirects to is a common misspelling of If you type into the navigation bar of a web browser, you will be redirected to retailer This suggests that Amazon might own the domain name

People often buy a domain name like that represents a misspelling or typing mistake of a popular website's domain name. There are several things people do with domain names like One popular money-making tactic is to put lots of advertising on the page for a domain name like, in the hopes that people trying to reach a popular site like will instead land at and then click on an ad to leave the page. That ad click gives the owner of some income. If enough people mistype as, arrive at and then click an ad, the owner of can make quite a bit of money.

Another reason to own (or a similar misstype or misspelling of a popular domain name) is to redirect traffic from that web address to one's own website. Because redirects to, it's not unreasonable to surmise the retailer Amazon owns the name

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