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galoor-logo-2e2a9b17a26a397c00fd3b19aa7505b4.png allows Business owners, Entrepreneurs and other experts to publish their high quality content for free and get exposure on our site, as well as many other properties across the web.

About Us

Galoor was started because we had an itch. We saw other "article directories" that were built in the 90's and early millenium and felt they were too stagnant and had no community behind them. We knew there was a lot missing from these directories, including high quality articles.

As Internet Marketers, we knew that these directories were promoting "Article Marketing" all wrong, regardless if that was what they believe in or not, by accepting sales pitches from companies, low-to-no-value articles, spun articles and even gibberish that made absolutely no sense. These were true content farms trying to make money through AdSense. Article Marketing had been dead for many years because of these sites.

What Makes us different?

We've always been big believers in cleaning up the web. There's far too much garbage out there and most content farms are some of the biggest problems of all. We want to change the way Article Marketing is done and help Business owners and Entrepreneurs get more leads and sales by actually providing value.

We're big believers in PROVIDING VALUE, which is something most websites fail to do. By getting Business owners to offer their expertise on subjects - we're allowing them to get real, targeted traffic to their websites and not accidental or curious clicks. These are useless, and so is submitting articles just for links.

While Galoor isn't a big directory, we prefer to do something our competitors won't...send the garbage content back where it belongs. We only accept high quality, valuable content that provides answers to questions and solves problems. As long as you stick to our guidelines, you should be fine!

Benefits of Galoor

The benefits of using our site is that you get:

  • Authority - people want to pay money to Authorities in their field. Become the expert (perception or real) and you will be rewarded financially. High quality content helps you become an authority and will lead to more customers/clients.
  • "Virality" - people love great content and they're willing to share answers and solutions with like-minded individuals who may have the same issues. By providing great content, you will get more likes, shares, tweets, etc. - which becomes more opportunities for more traffic to your website. Our Social sharing tools make this easy to do for your readers!
  • Brand Recognition - make people aware of your brand without just selling. Give them what they want and they'll still be willing to pay you, all while continuing to come back to you down the road (return customers or long-term clients).
  • Lead Generation - you're allowed to link to your website within your content (up to 2 links), which brings traffic to your website. But by having high quality, valuable content, you are practically forcing your readers to want to follow those links.
  • Traffic - you'll get plenty of opportunities to get traffic back to your website. While we are still young, we still get a lot of traffic and we're seeing great conversion rates (to follow links). Give us a try and see why we're different! - More Opportunities for Businesses

Our site is growing very fast and is complete with a growing community, too. Come check us out and find out what makes us so much different from other "article directories." Our FAQ has some answers for basic questions, but feel free to contact us here.

In the end, our main goal is to provide valuable content to our readers and build a great, high quality community. We're looking for great content providers who realize that they will get more leads to their website by providing great value. We also reward our best writers and feature them and their work. Read about Featured Authors.

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