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Vom 15. - 17. Februar 2006 findet in München die 4. Interdisziplinäre TIZ-BIFO Tagung statt, bei der auch Galilei Software GmbH teilnimmt.

Founded by Stephan Hammelbacher in 1988, Galilei Software GmbH has been developing software systems for health institutions ever since 1990. The Galilei Hospital System is successfully used in numerous clinics and institutions. The headquarters of the company are in Munich, Reichersbeuern and Kiev (Ukraine). Galilei Kiev was founded as a subsidiary in 1994 and ensures the flexible new and further development in a fast-moving market. The vision to simplify the work of health institutions and to transport the competence of the staff members through software will not change. This ideal spurs on the development of new tools!

Galilei Software helps people employed in health institutions to concentrate on the patients. If patient data are required, they are available at the right time and at the right location. If advice is required, we support the parties involved by simplifying communication. We help people employed in health institutions to present their work, and thus to safeguard the economic basis for their actions. With our software tools, we assist in the discovery of new features in medicine.

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