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Friends of Cats began in 1927 when several San Diego men and women pooled their resources to form the Animal Rescue League and purchased all of the animals from the pound in order to place them in good homes.

In 1929, a remarkable woman named Maude Erwin took over the care of 20 cats living at the League shelter. Many more cats soon came, and concerned friends raised funds to help maintain Mrs. Erwin's shelter in Pacific Beach.

Foundation of Cats received its charter. The ensuing years brought more cats to the Foundation until, in 1957, Mrs. Erwin was caring for over 300 cats. In 1966, the Shelter moved to its present location at Flinn Springs (east El Cajon) and in 1968 the name of the

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Friends of Cats, Inc.
Lakeside CA
United States 92040

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