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Russ Walter has published this book since its first edition in 1972. It consisted of only 17 pages and focused on HP-2000 computer. Since then this book has evolved into its 29th edition and praised by The Wall Street Journal, CBS News, PC World, PC Magazine, Infoworld, The New York Times, USA Today and computer experts worldwide as the best book ever written to unlock all the secrets on computer.

Unlike a "Dummies" book (which is written for dummies and keeps them dumb) and a "standard textbook" (which is shoved at overworked college students and makes them snore louder), this book throws you into the action fast, makes you competent, and then makes you wise. It explains how to buy a computer, then how to use it (covering all popular operating systems and application programs), then how to reprogram it to change its soul, then how to launch your career.

Explanations are short and to the point. It's great for those among us who haven't the time or patience to read through a lengthy or inscrutable printed or online manual. By far, this is one of the best values and a very effective way to spend a few bucks to expand your general computer savvy and get most of your common computer-related questions answered.

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