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logo for is a CD and DVD cover archive that is easy to use and can retrieve a CD/DVD cover (aka album cover, CD artwork, CD cover art, etc.) quickly. There is a huge database of high quality CD and DVD cover artwork offered by

If you have a have a burned CD, but want to print out the cover art, is the best place for you to find the cover art as well as the track list. You can download image files of CD covers, in addition to DVD cover art and video game covers. has more than 600,000 covers in total as of December 2009.

Services can offer CD and DVD cover art for almost anything you can think of. Some of the most popular categories include:

  • Blu-Ray Movie
  • DVD Movie
  • HD-DVD Movie
  • Soundtrack
  • TV Series
  • VCD
  • VHS
  • Music CD
  • Music DVD


  • Wii
  • Xbox and Xbox 360
  • Playstation, PS2 and PS3
  • PSP
  • GameCube
  • PC Games's Community

  • Forums: There are a number of discussions going on in the FreeCovers forums covering general, hardware and software topics.
  • Upload: Registered users can also upload CD covers to the database.



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