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Roger Fredericks is an innovative golf instructor who's worked with some of the greatest players of all time, including Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, John Jacobs and Bob Charles. With his unique philosophy, Roger Fredericks has helped thousands of recreational golfers play better and enjoy their golf games and their lives even more! See what amateur and professional golfers have to say about Roger and his amazing program here!

In 1991, Roger Fredericks took a lifetime of knowledge of the golf swing and founded the Del Mar Golf College in San Diego, California. Having studied the game with a passion from such legendary instructors as Claude Harmon, Paul Runyan, Johnny Revolta, Eddie Merrins, Phil Rodgers, Kip Puterbaugh, Mac O'Grady, and a host of others, Roger has put together a learning system which has helped literally thousands of golfers ranging from raw beginners to such golf legends as; Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Raymond Floyd, Bob Charles, and over 40 other touring golf professionals, as well as countless other professional athletes and celebrities.

Along with a mastery status of the golf swing, Roger has studied physiology and Bio mechanics and their relationship to the golf swing, with such legendary sports physiologists including; Pete Egoscue, Dr. Gideon Ariel (the modern day pioneer of computerized Biomechanics), Jim and Phil Wharton of Maximum Performance International, and one of the true pioneers of kinesiology, Dr. Aaron Mattes of Sarasota, Florida. All which led to the creation of his innovative teaching series, Roger Fredericks Reveals the Secrets to Golf Swing Flexibility.



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