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Please understand that I receive much more email than I can handle in my spare time. Please understand that I will most probably *not* be able to reply to support requests, wether they are about b2evolution (have you checked the support page - including support forums ?) or about other technologies mentioned on this website/weblog.

If for some reason you cannot see the address above, here's how to rebuild it: type the word contact, followed by an @ sign, followed by the domain name fplanque.net .

Why bother with such a complicated procedure? Just to cut on the quantity of spam drain by this simple address! I had a plain text address here with a mailto link before... Three months later, I was receiving more than 10 to 20 unsolicited advertisement emails ("spam") on this single address! And it kept increasing day by day! This is because robots ("crawlers") relentlessly crawl the web in search for new e-mail addresses to update the spammers' lists! The only way to remain invisible to these crawlers is not to publish any plain text email address... which is less user friendly, for sure... but I have no better solution right now ;)

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