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Fox Ridge Outfitters


Fox Ridge Outfitters was founded in 1988 to meet the sophisticated and varied needs of sportsmen and sportswomen. As technology increased and more leisure time became available, more and more men and women began exploring the outdoors; hunting, fishing, camping or hiking. Quality products to meet the demand became paramount. Fox Ridge Outfitters, now 15 years old, has prided ourselves on supplying these products and continues to offer "the Best of the Best".

Fox Ridge Outfitters also is the exclusive home for the Thompson/Center Custom Shop, specializing in refinements and custom barrels for T/C's Contender and Encore rifles and pistols. Custom lengths, finishes, and cartridge options are just a few of the services offered, along with muzzleloading rifles and accessories.

In 1992, Fox Ridge Outfitters opened its Retail Outlet in Rochester, NH. In addition to its huge line of catalog products, the Retail Outlet also offers quality fly fishing gear, camping equipment, canoes, Browning firearms and related accessories. The store has just had a recent addition, expanding by 30%.

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