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ANET Internet Solutions is Chicago's hometown business ISP. Founded in 1995, ANET grew quickly during the Internet boom, avoiding most of the mistakes of our competitors. Although times have been tough for most telecom and Internet companies over the last several years. ANET has not only managed to weather the storm, but has grown and prospered. ANET has thrived during this period because of our focus on Service, Service and Service. We specialize in high-end enterprise services such as co-location managed services and full spectrum of connectivity offerings.

ANET has acquired 8 competing ISPs over the past four years, growing and diversifying our subscriber base and network reach, making ANET the largest independently-owned and operated ISP in the Chicagoland market. Our combination of customer service and account management personnel plus a superb network makes ANET a perfect choice for any size company.

ANET currently provides high-speed broadband access to over 5000 tenants of various Multi Tenant Unit buildings and business complexes in the greater Chicagoland area including One Superior Place, Park Millennium and Grand Plaza. Building sizes range from 25 tenants to 1000 tenants per building and are served with various technologies ranging from traditional 10/100M Ethernet, Long Reach Ethernet, Fiber, DSL and Wireless.

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