Fort Lewis College in Colorado


As Colorado's public liberal arts college, Fort Lewis College focuses on undergraduate education, offering quality baccalaureate degree programs in the arts, sciences, and professional areas of education and business. The College has an enduring commitment to develop and maintain its programs at a level equal to those of other outstanding undergraduate institutions in the nation.

In addition, Fort Lewis College has the unique legal and historical sacred trust to offer education for all Native Americans nationally at no cost in tuition. Currently, approximately 18% of the student population at Fort Lewis College is Native American, representing over 100 federally recognized tribes.

Fort Lewis College offers a number of programs leading to the bachelor’s degree. The Bachelor of Science degree is offered in biology, chemistry, geology, and physics; the Bachelor of Arts degree is granted in all other four-year programs. In addition, the College offers a program leading to the Associate of Arts degree in agricultural science.

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150A Administration Bldg, Computer, Center
Durango CO 81301 US



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