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The FoodFit Company, based in Washington, DC, was founded and incorporated in late 1998. Our mission then, and now, is to promote and enhance the health of consumers. Through our website,, we have worked hard to meet that goal during the past six and one-half years. By focusing on healthy eating and active living in the most credible and enjoyable ways, has succeeded in attracting 600,000 registered members and logs more than 1.5 million page views each month. In fact, is now recognized as a national leader in its field—the destination for up-to-date information on good food and good health.

FoodFit did not achieve this goal alone. Since the beginning, we have worked closely with an unparalleled network of food, fitness and nutrition partners across the country to provide the personalized tools and reliable content that has set us apart. Our partners include top public health organizations and leading dietitians, fitness experts and chefs. We are also proud of our relationships with Yahoo! Health, DiscoveryHealth, Third Age, and more.

The FoodFit Tools: Four proprietary, interactive tools to assess your current health habits. The FoodFit Plan includes an additional set of six tools (see below)

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