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Foam Furniture: Find Apartment Furniture, Dorm Room Furniture, Foam Sofas, Foam Chairs and Ottomans Shipped to your Door!


Foamiture® manufacturers unique contemporary sofas, loveseats, chairs, ottomans and other home furniture items constructed of a proprietary durable-density foam thats engineered to support full body weight, while still providing maximum comfort. In addition, Foamiture is also engineered in such a manner that it can be shipped via traditional overland carriers such as United Parcel Service factory direct to consumers worldwide.

Foamiture is offered in a wide variety of fabrics, and is a long lasting home seating solution that been embraced for its utility in a number of settings. These include diverse uses as:

Rec Room Furniture

Apartment Furniture

Reception Furniture

Kid's Room Furniture

College Dorm Room Furniture

Entertainment Room Furniture

Foamiture® is also incredibly durable and stylish, with a design that’s uniquely contemporary. Made of durable and supportive Reflex Plus Foam, you'll find that the modern design is easy to fit in almost any room setting. Foamiture sofas and chairs employ advanced designs and high quality, lightweight construction that makes it easy to move both up and down stairs, from room to room, and even inside or outside. Foamiture is also unique in its shipping processes, as our furniture is vacum shrunk through our patent-ending process to reduce mass, then shipped directly to your door. Once a Foamiture shipping box is opened, the furniture is regains its mass to its full size.

Together with our parent company, Veada Industries, we have been manufacturing high-quality furniture for over 37 years. We are considered experts in the field of seating and work closely with leading foam suppliers to develop the advanced foam construction employed in Foamiture sofas, chairs, ottomans, loveseats and other home furniture items.

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Foamiture, a Division of Veada Industries
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Phone Number: (574) 831-4775
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Additional Information

How lightweight is Foamiture® furniture?

Approximate Full-Size Weight:

Ottoman: 10 lbs. Chair: 20 lbs. Sofa: 33 lbs.

Approximate Packaged (Shrunken) Weight:

Ottoman: 13 lbs. Chair: 23 lbs. Sofa: 40 lbs.

Foamiture's advanced design employs significantly less weight than other ottomans, chairs, and sofas and makes cleaning easier than ever before. Because of the nature of the Reflex Plus foam, Foamiture® is both incredibly sturdy and stable without the need for a traditional wood based frame. Foamiture® is far more comfortable because there is no hard wood or metal framing employed, and the lack of a rigid frame makes it easier to move the foam furniture through tight corners, narrow halls, and doorways than it is to move other furniture. Foamiture® furniture is high quality furniture – not cheap furniture that you'll want to toss to the curb after a year of use.

How does the Shipping process affect my product?

The Foamiture® Patent-Pending shrinking/shipping process does not damage Foamiture® furniture in any way. Shrinking is simply done by taking air out of the foam. When you allow air to reenter the product by cutting open the packaging, your Foamiture® furniture will substantially recover its original shape within minutes. Packaging wrinkles may initially have a few wrinkles, but generally return to normal within 48 hours. Its best to open your shipment upon receiving it to avoid minimize wrinkling of the Reflex Plus foam base and cover material.

To keep Vinyl Foamiture® clean, use the following cleaning techniques:

For general purpose cleaning, use Spray-n-Wash Stain Stick or Fantastik or any other cleaner that states it can be safely used on vinyl. A mild dish soap (such as Dawn or Ivory) and very warm water are also acceptable. For best results, let your mild dish soap soak for approximately 10 minutes and then gently scrub with a soft bristle brush. DO NOT use the folowing products to clean your Foamiture®:

Formula 409 (bottle states “Not for use on vinyl.”) Murphy's Oil Soap Simple Green DC Plus ArmorAll Top Kote Sealant Son-of-a-Gun Orange 88 Degreaser Roll-Off Bleach/Baking Soda Turtle Wax/Tar Remover (containers state “Not for use on vinyl.”) APCO Harbor Mate Kerosene, gasoline, or acetone; they will remove the vinyl’s protective top coat. Silicone based products that extract the plasticizers in vinyl, leaving it hard and brittle. Cracking may occur if used.

Other Tips for Vinyl Coverings on your Foamiture Selections:

It is a common misconception that household bleach, chlorine based cleaners, and other strong commercial cleaning solutions are good for treating stains on vinyl furniture. These solutions may appear to clean well for a time, but they clean by removing layers of finish along with the stained material on top of the finish. Continued use of such products will deteriorate the appearance of your Foamiture® furniture's vinyl cover. Remember, Vinyl is a porous material similar to leather. The pores must be able to breathe, so be careful not to clog your vinyl’s pores with body lotions, oils, etc. Proper vinyl cleaning and maintenance increases the life of your vinyl furniture.

How durable and safe is Foamiture® foam?

Foamiture® is made from Reflex Plus™ performance cushioning foam. This high-performance cushioning material has unique properties that make it a far superior alternative to even the ordinary foam used in rugged boating applications;

Reflex Plus Foam is manufactured with an FDA-approved Ultra Fresh™ antimicrobial agent that resists the growth of bacteria and mold;

Reflex Plus Foam is very hygienic, completely odor-free and will not aggravate common allergies;

Reflex Plus Foam provides superior durability and greater comfort, retaining its height and firmness far longer than conventional polyurethane foam;

Reflex Plus Foam is manufactured using patented Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) processes which ensure unequaled performance and consistency. The end result provides a consistent, comfortable and durable furniture making material;

Reflex Plus Foam is manufactured without CFCs or harmful auxiliary blowing agents. Since the VPF process is virtually emissions-free, Reflex Plus is also the environmentally responsible choice;

Reflex Plus Foam complies with California Bureau of Home Furnishings Technical Bulletin 117 fire retardant regulatory standards and also meets the voluntary UFAC smoldering ignition resistance criteria;

Special Note: Vinyl cover materials and thin plastic film underlining on Foamiture furniture are not fire retardant treated.

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