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Flash is an application from Adobe Systems with which the designers and developers can create presentations, applications and another type of content that allows the interaction of the user, primarily on the internet. The projects of Flash can include from simple animations to video content, complex presentations, applications and any other utility related. In general, the independent fragments of content created with Flash applications are denominated, although it is only a basic animation. With applications of Flash you can create ample variety of content multimedia that includes images, sound, special video and effects. Given the so small size of its archives, flash turns out to be ideal to create content that is facilitated through Internet.

To a great extent, Flash uses graphical vectorial. This type of graph requires much less memory and space of storage than the images of bit map, since they imagine by means of mathematical formulas in place of great data sets. The images of bit map are of a superior size because each pixel requires a fragment of data independent of that represents it. In order to create an application in Flash, graphs with the drawing tools are created and additional elements are added to the document of Flash. Next, it is determined how and when these elements will be used to create the application that is had in mind.

When content in Flash is published, it works in a file of document of Flash. These documents have the file extension .fla (FLA) and they are made up of four main parts:

  • The scene is where the graphs, videos, bellboys and other objects are during the reproduction.
  • The line of time is where the user indicates to Flash when he wishes that are to the graphs and other elements of the project. Also it is used to specify the order of layers of the graphs in the scene.
  • The graphs of the superior layers appear over the graphs of the inferior layers.
  • The panel Library is where Flash shows a list of the elements multimedia of the document of Flash.

New features of Flash 8

There are a great variety of new functions in Flash that are very useful for the nascent users.

  • Improvements in the degraded ones -- The new controls allow applying complexes degraded to the objects of the scene. Other parameters can be added up to 16 colors, accurately be controlled the place in which the focal point is located and be applied to degraded one.
  • Model of drawing of object -- In previous versions of Flash, all the forms of a determined layer could affect the contours of other forms with which they were overlapped. Now forms can be created directly in the scene that does not interfere with other forms. When a form with the new model of drawing is created with object, this form does not cause any alteration in the forms that exists below it.
  • Unique panel Library -- Now you can use a single panel Library to see simultaneously, the elements of library of several archives in Flash.

Minimum Hardware requirements


  • Processor: 450 MHz or higher
  • Memory: 128MB minimum/256MB recommended
  • Video: Resolution of 1024 X 768 or higher


  • Processor: PowerPC G4, or G5 processor
  • Memory: 128MB minimum/256MB recommended
  • Video: Resolution of 1024 X 768 or higher


  • Processor: 800 MHz or higher
  • Memory: 512MB minimum/1024MB recommended
  • Video: Resolution of 1024 X 768 or higher

Adobe's Acquisition of Macromedia

On December 03, 2005 Adobe acquired Macromedia and all its products including FreeHand, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks and Shockwave were renamed to Adobe. With the acquisition of Macromedia, three new products were launched by Adobe, namely, Adobe Design bundle, Flash Professional and Adobe Premiere suite. The company decided to include the Macromedia name on some of its products for a short period of time but after that all the products will be migrated to Adobe brand.




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