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The feeling of reeling in that perfect catch is one of the greatest things you will ever experience. If you are passionate about fishing and want to stay informed about the latest trends or equipment, Fishing.Us is an extensive web resource for all things fishing related. The website is a very powerful fishing networking portal providing members with fishing articles, tips, reports, news and much more. It provides a platform for bringing the fishing community together, where anglers and fishing companies, fishing organizations, and fishing clubs can communicate.


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  • Fishing Classifieds

Members can post classified ads and communicate directly with anglers interested in buying their products. The ads listed contain everything from fishing to hunting to real estate and more.

  • Fishing News

Regional fishing news can be found as well.

  • Fishing forums

Their forums focus on a wide variety of issues related to fishing. These cover discussions related to all types of fishing, regional fish reports, news and much more. Fishing polls and surveys are also conducted.

  • Fishing Articles

Articles related to fishing can be found in this section according to various categories covering Bait & Tackle, Bass Fishing, Boats, Catfishing, Charter and Guide Reviews, Crappie Fishing, Flyfishing, Freshwater Fishing, General Fishing, International Fishing, Pike/Muskie Fishing, Saltwater Fishing, Trout Fishing, Walleye Fishing and much more.

  • Fishing Blogs

Members can read blogs from other anglers, pros and fishing industry professionals. Members can also start their own blogs. Blogs available cover various fishing topics and are also categorized region-wise.

  • Fishing Photo Gallery

Members can post their fishing photographs on Fishing.Us in the categories of Fly Fishing, Freshwater Fishing, Ice Fishing and Saltwater Fishing.

  • Fishing Product Reviews

The Fishing Product Reviews section provides reviews by Fishing.Us's professional staff and by community members. Products fall into the areas of watercraft, knives and sharpeners, fly fishing, saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing.

Anglers can also find fishing reports, fishing charters, fishing guide information, tide reports and fishing tackle reviews and much more.

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Fishing Tackle Manufacturers

Fishing tackle manufacturers use the Fishing.US site to provide fishing tackle press releases, stories about fishing products and for posting fishing products for review by community members.

Fishing Webmasters

Fishing webmasters can find tips and tricks from the fishing webmasters forum and can use Fishing.US to promote their own fishing site. Webmasters can also place Fishing.Us RSS Feeds on their own site.

Fishing Organizations

Fishing organizations can use the free fishing blogs to update members of fishing events and meeting dates and can also create a free web page.


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