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What do we do? First Tutors is an introduction service for students to find home tutors for local private tuition for all subjects / levels in many countries using a location search. It is an open marketplace where tutors set their own rates and are chosen from the merits of their online profiles. There is a secure feedback system allowing students to review tutors 'they have used', and most importantly First Tutors does not skim fees off the top of every lesson - tutors set their own rates and that is what the students pay!

Who are we?

First Tutors is a small firm and began with our UK service in 2005. We now have offices in London, Hertfordshire and Lancashire and staff / partners in several countries. Recent internationalisation has lead to new sites being created in many countries - Ireland, USA, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia - which will hopefully drive down the cost of learning in these territories just as it has done in the UK.

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