is for local businesses, and services, to get a first page spot

First Page Of Google, Online help for local Businesses, was set up by Wolfgang Bloomfield to help local businesses, take advantage of Googles change in their algorithms, to favor local businesses in the way that it presents search results, it now gives a local result, meaning that local businesses can now compete with large national companies.

This is one of the most exciting things to have happened for local business owners, Google has also introduced Google Places (formally Google Maps) giving local business the opportunity to list their business so that it shows up on the listing, on a map with a baloon showing where the business is located, and also listing the local businesses services.

First Page Of Google, Online Help for Local Businesses, can help local business owners with their listing, by helping them make sure that the listing is optimized well, to get into the first results on the first page of Google.

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