Feecbok.com is a [[parking lot]]. You probably want [[Facebook.com]].

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About Feecbok.com

Feecbok.com is a parked page and seems to be a name play on the popular social networking site Facebook.com. Sometimes a website is purchased and named after an existing website with similar but misspelled name. Such seems to be the case with Feecbok.com. The site exists to catch traffic from visitors who have misspelled Facebook.com. You might think it is absurd for anyone to mistype Facebook.com but you never know, maybe someone had a little too much to drink or they are bad at grammar. Nevertheless, Feecbok.com may not be able to serve you much. Perhaps you were looking for Facebook.com?

Contact Information for Feecbok.com

There is no contact information listed for Feecbok.com but feel free to add it here if you know it. However if you are interested in purchasing Feecbok.com, you may contact the person who appears to have registered the site:

Luca Mueller
+49 (0) 89 99216 476 (voice)
+49 (0) 89 99216 170 (fax)

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