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About fawny.org & Joe Clark

Since you’re reading my personal site (as opposed to the business site), let me take this opportunity to bring you up to speed on some personal details.

Some of my priorities

I work in the field of accessibility for people with disabilities, I am a writer, and I have a strong interest in typography. Those topics tend to take care of themselves. I earn a living through accessibilty, I write articles and Web pages (and one book, with more on the way), and I have a type project underway. So those are handled.

I would say that my three primary issues are abolition of the death penalty, reduction of cruelty to animals, and preservation of minority languages. Capital punishment does not exist in Canada, so I feel I don’t have to work on that topic day to day. About 15 years ago, I completely reconfigured my life to avoid or at least reduce any implication in the suffering of animals, chiefly by going vegan.

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Joe Clark
Toronto ON

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