Fat Bastard Wants 1 Billion Dollars!

Fat Bastard Wants 1 Billion Dollars!

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Look up your entries from last quarter. Pick 3 of them. Apply them to the entire company.

Our annual goal is to make a good dent in our BHAG, which is to Save US Taxpayers One Billion Dollars by 2011. To do this, we need to know exactly how much we've saved so far. The metrics you already entered have a lot of good examples, but now what we need is for you to take your three metrics (or three of your five metrics, Matt) and expand them to cover the entire company. For example: How many times did the entire company not have people come in for meetings and instead use the teleconference line and/or Adobe Breeze? How much has the entire company saved taxpayers on using Eclipse instead of IntelliJ IDEA? How much has the entire company saved taxpayers by implementing CMMI processes for projects?

This is where you can find a metric that can make a huge difference. A Billion Dollars is a tremendous amount of money, and if you can find a $1,000,000 savings it'll go a long way. But if your metric only ends up to have saved $10,000, don't despair! Every little bit helps!

If your metric includes a projection, project over the next 12 months. If it's retroactive, the start date should be January 1, 2000.

If you and someone else end up with the same data, feel free to combine.

If your metric is just not good for this goal, feel free to come up with a new one (check with Dan before you go further in that direction, to make sure the metric is valid).

If your metric already incorporates the results from the entire company, just submit that.

The prize is two bottles of Fat Bastard wine and wineglasses from which to sip it.

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