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Shopping online has become one of the most successful trends in the last years. It attracts more and more people because it is easy, simple and comfortable. However, there are so many online shopping services, that it can be very hard to choose the right one and to make sure that you make sure that you have made the right choice. This is where FatWallet.com steps in. FatWallet.com offers you the opportunity to compare prices and products and to share your opinions with hundreds of other users.

Access to a vast online community

One of the greatest features of Fatwallet.com is the fact that it gives you the possibility to exchange tips, ideas and information regarding prices, deals and products with more than half of a million of other shoppers. Using the site’s forum, you can raise your shopping IQ and you can learn everything there is to know about making great deals and saving money when shopping online. The content of the forum is created by consumers and not by advertisers or manufacturers, which means that you will get unbiased information and tips.

Earn money while shopping

FatWallet.com offers its subscribers a unique feature: it offers rewards for those who shop in certain stores affiliated with FatWallet. All you have to do to start receiving your money is to log in to FatWallet.com, to go to the Stores page and to click on the online store’s name and to buy products from that merchant. This way, you can save from one to ten per cent of the price of the goods you have purchased, depending on the merchant. You are probably wondering how it is possible to receive money for shopping. In fact, it is very simple: FatWallet.com receives a commission for every transaction you make trough its Cash Back Stores service. The site shares some of that commission with its subscribers and everybody wins. The subscribers get some of their money back, while FatWallet.com keeps its clients loyal and satisfied. Subscribers can keep track of their earnings trough the Cash Back Balance section in their account. When the cash balance surpasses 10 dollars, they can ask FatWallet to send them their money trough check or PayPal.

Client support center

FatWallet.com subscribers receive 24 hours a day, seven days a week client support services. Whenever you have a question, you can be sure that the customer care team at FatWallet is there to answer it. It does not matter if it is five o’clock on a Sunday morning or six o’clock on a Tuesday afternoon: your questions will always be answered in a few minutes. FatWallet.com does not use automated replies or outsourcing to answer its clients’ questions and requests. Real people work round the clock to provide one of the best customer support and service available.

Service for busy shoppers

If you think that you are too busy to spend time navigating the FatWallet.com site in search of great deals or to chat with other shoppers about shopping ideas and tips, this site has a service that is specially designed for people like you. Fatwallet News is a compressed version of the best deals available online over the course of a day and it offers comprehensive information regarding promotions, shopping news and shopping tips. The deals are presented in a well-structured way, yet detailed way, which makes you save precious time reading them. Another great service for busy shoppers is the FatWallet Daily Email, which delivers all the information about hot deals and coupons available that day.


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