About FasterEFT

Robert G. Smith is the creator of FasterEFT. He is a Life Coach, a respected leader in the field of personal growth, a popular radio guest and sought after speaker. He is one of America’s leading experts on stress, spirituality and healing.

Robert has reached thousands of people with his positive message about personal power, love and healing with the largest free online healing library available on YouTube with 10 Million views (and counting) and translated in 14 different languages. He’s traveled all over the world giving public seminars since 2002. Robert has produced over 96 DVDs and continues to ship them worldwide since 2004.

He has trained with some of America’s greatest transformational teachers such as Dr. Richard Bandler, co-developer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Gary Craig, developer of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Dr. Larry Nims, developer of Be Set Free Fast (BSFF).

He has taken these powerful systems that work, combining, simplifying and amplifying them to create FasterEFT, similarly to what Gary Craig has done with Thought Field Therapy (TFT) with EFT. Robert is known for his sense of humor, his ability to simplify the complex and his dynamic training style.

10 Important Articles You Must Read About FasterEFT

1. The Faster EFT Architecture of Sustainable Happines - Majority of the work of Robert Smith with Faster EFT over time has been focused mainly on building an effective architecture of happiness within our lives.

2. 6 Scientifically Proven FasterEFT Life Hacks That Promote Happiness - The FasterEFT life hacks to build happiness within your mind and lives, are a combination of some of the most advantageous processes in ancient and modern times. That is why, Robert G. Smith’s work is backed with so many scientifically proven studies.

3. 10 Things Happy People Using FasterEFT Do Differently - For many people across the globe, Faster EFT is more than just a system focused on healing disorders but, a system that allows life transformations. People who found happiness using FasterEFT were able to structure their minds to be in alignment to their individual idea of happiness.

4. FasterEFT Explains Why It Seems Hard to Be Happy for Some People - Since FasterEFT understands the structure of how problems are created within the human mind, it is the only emotional tapping technique that answers the age-old questions of why it’s hard for some people to be happy. Whether it is you having a hard time being happy or you’re often caught up in thinking why it seems to be so hard for people around you to be happy. Whatever it is, we hope this post helps in understanding the reason behind struggling to be happy.

5. The Acupressure Points Tapped in FasterEFT Explained - If you are fairly new to FasterEFT tapping and looking for information on why there is tapping involved, this post is definitely for you! We have published a lot of articles talking about the benefits of FasterEFT Tapping and how to overcome stress by tapping, this one is intended to discuss the Tapping Points, also known as acupuncture or acupressure points and more popular in the west as Meridian Points.

6. FasterEFT Defines the Meaning of a Cult and Why It’s Impossible to be One - Robert Smith continues to be a reminder of compassion and wellness and that extends to everyone with no exception, even to those who wish to deliver false information about him or FasterEFT. However, we hope this article reach everyone, followers and practitioners alike, and find clarity on the definition of a cult, who are the real cults you must be aware of and why FasterEFT isn’t.

7. FasterEFT Can Help You Realize a Better Future by Letting Go of the Past - FasterEFT has a complete understanding of how your past is structured within your mind. While not everything in your past contributes to negative emotional and behavioral states, the structure of your problems is built from exposure to unpleasant experiences. Because these experiences are stored within your subconscious mind and they become used as references and filters to keep you “safe” from all other incoming experiences. It is a natural psychological response.

8. How FasterEFT Ends Traumatic Stress Responses - FasterEFT has a complete understanding that every individual reacts and records every single experience uniquely compared another. No two people are identical in this planet, even those who are exposed to the same environments with the same level of education and coming from a similar family will eventually have a varied understanding of how the world works.

9. FasterEFT Explanation on “The Interdependence of Our Experiences” - We are all in a cycle called life, and as a living thing, we are bound to have diverse experiences as we go through life. We cannot just bail out, there is no such thing. Everyone can agree that FasterEFT is not a completely new healing modality. But it is a new breed of healing with complete understanding on how our problems are created, structured and ultimately become an integral part of our minds and lives.

10. The FasterEFT Memory Reimprinting Belief System Compared to Matrix Reimprinting - All kinds of healing modalities operate within a belief system of how and why we have problems. Whether these belief systems in which a healing modality operate is published and documented or not, is the determining factor of its speed, accuracy and efficiency in addressing issues.



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