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We have taken good care to ensure that the information is accurate, but we cannot be certain that this is so in every case. This site is updated daily and any corrections or missing information would be much appreciated - please use our "report an error"-function on the nickpage of the model/designer. Where possible, please indicate the source of your information.

It is always nice to hear from professional models. If you are a model already listed on the site we would love to hear from you. This site is in no way a commercial site and no money is made from it. However, we know that many different kinds of people (including photographers and people in the fashion industry) visit this site and models may even get bookings (via their agencies) from it, which would of course make us very pleased. The information we have collected about you is as accurate as can be, but new information and corrections are always welcome and there is no better source of information than the model herself! If you wish to provide further information, updates on your career or any other information, or simply say 'hi', please e-mail us or use the "report an error"-function on your nickpage. Your confidentiality is guaranteed and your e-mail address will not be given to anyone or used for any purpose other than for FMD to reply to you.

We are always looking out for new models not listed here and if you are aware of any models not listed, we would be grateful if you would let us know by using the "Submit a model"-feature on FMD. Please have regard to the official FMD selection criteria, below:-

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According to Google, is the largest website about models and agencies with over 121k Google-entries, followed by with 48k Google-entries. (as of April 01 2007)

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