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Founded in 1993, the Fanciers mailing list is a private, unmoderated list, intended for discussions or announcements specifically relating to showing and breeding cats. This includes such diverse topics as feline veterinary medicine and home care, cattery management, cat show production, politics in the cat fancy, and the history and evolution of cat breeds. The list also serves as a social group for breeders and exhibitors.

The Fanciers list membership numbers approximately 850 people, growing steadily since its inception. Most of us are involved in the cat fancy to some extent, but we're involved in many ways, representing every major cat related association, nearly every breed of cat, and many countries around the world. Some of the most renowned feline experts are among our ranks, including many cat show judges, board members of cat registries, cat geneticists, cat book authors, and the like. Some members breed and/or show pedigreed cats, or show household pets (nonpedigreed cats); some put on cat shows and other events that educate and entertain, or produce publications about cats and the cat fancy; some work with breed rescue groups and other organizations devoted to animal welfare; some practice veterinary medicine, or participate in feline health research... and some of us aren't involved in the "fancy" at all, but join to learn and share our thoughts about our beloved feline friends.



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