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FanFiction.Net Writing is a very interesting site that has been created in order to offer young and beginner writers the possibility to make their work known to people worldwide. This web site is somehow educational because it gives writers the possibilities to read reviews of their work and comments wrote by more experienced writers. This site also offers a lot of information about writing events, about what is new in the field and it offers free software to be downloaded directly from the web site. is a very useful portal for those who want to become real world writers because there are a lot of publishers who are looking for something new and they are quite familiar with such web sites.

There are a lot of people who have created an account on and who are quite talented, but who only like to write as a hobby. Having a place where you can post your writings and having the possibility to interact with people who have the same passions as you do is quite an attractive thing for a lot of people. There are thousands and thousands of people who are unique members of this web site and there are millions of other people that visit the web site for fun or in order to discover a new talent annually.

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Once you have created an account on you will be a member with full rights and the site administrators will protect your privacy. You have agreed to give them some personal information that is going to remain confidential unless you are deliberately doing something unlawful or if you consent that your personal information can be made public or shared to other web sites. Unless this should occur, will do anything in their power to protect you from spam or other Internet connected abuse.

Profile is a site that also encourages information among its members. After you have created an account on this web site you can start creating a personal profile where you can present yourself and your work in the manner that suites you best. encourages writers to personalize their pages so that their work becomes more vivid to the eyes of the other members. Writers will receive on their new accounts information on what they are interested in. The team of professionals will give a qualified answer to all your questions and will try to give you useful tips so that you can improve your work. You will have the possibility to post comments on other people’s work and at the same time you will be able to receive such comments too. The fanfiction team is encouraging critique, but everyone should keep in mind that disagreement can be expressed in mild manners too.





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