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For more than five years in China, participants in one of the largest grassroots campaigns of civil disobedience the world has ever known have quietly informed fellow citizens about the systematic persecution of Falun Gong practitioners unfolding in their own backyards.

At great risk to themselves, Falun Gong practitioners in China have also continued to provide the outside world with another first: Daily, eyewitness reports from inside China’s forced labor camp system, prisons, and detention centers. These reports -- the most comprehensive collection of which can be found on Minghui Net or in English at clearwisdom.net -- also illustrate how former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin has tied the Falun Gong issue into virtually every aspect of society, from job applications to college examinations, from promotions in the military to elementary school “anti-Falun Gong sessions.” Throughout society, all must “show the correct attitude” towards Falun Gong before securing a job, getting a promotion, or advancing in school.

Such information provides an in-depth look at how the persecution of Falun Gong affects the Chinese people, the Chinese nation, and the international community. Although Jiang has allocated significant resources to control the flow of such information, particularly outside China (in 2002,Reporters Without Borders ranked China second to last — edged out only by North Korea for the bottom spot — on its press freedom index), these reports give accounts of what is actually happening to Falun Gong practitioners.

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