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FLuRL.com is a Belgium-based search engine dedicated to video and picture sharing. It is an independent website that claims to have more than 5.6 million users. FLuRL allows you to submit and share pictures as well as videos. FluRL was setup by LiveUniverse, a company established to focus on videos, entertainment and social networking.

Along with sharing media, FLuRL.com allows visitors to search various well known video sharing sites like YouTube.com, Metacafe.com, Blip.tv and Revver.com for video clips. Just like any other search engine, FLuRL indexes audio, images and flash content that is presented against search queries.

Activities on FLuRL.com

FLuRL allows you to search the net for images and videos. It allows you to save content, if anything catches your fancy. The site provides you with ample storage space; 5 GB. Hence, FLuRL can also be called a free, social website for bookmarking your favorite clips.

To make it easier to find a clip, FLuRL.com allows you to tag them under any heading, topic and category. These headings, categories, topics and descriptions of videos contribute towards the video's search rating. Videos are then displayed against a search query, according to it's rating.

Visitors can have private archives of their pages that they have bookmarked and these archives stay intact even if the original content is removed or modified. This is an excellent solution to the link rot problem. The saved pages are available only to the members so there are no copyright infringement issues.

FLuRL.com's Special Features

FLuRL.com provides a unique import and export functionality to its users. It allows you to import bookmarks from sites like delicious and browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer. It also allows you to export your entire archives and Metadata to Zip formats.

FLuRL provides visitors and members a list of recommendations. These recommendations contain the list of URLs visited by the user and other similar sites which may be of interest to them. You can also subscribe to the popular topics of the day and receive notifications and updates via email.


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