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EzineArticles.com is a service which brings writers and ezine publishers together. A website that started in 1999 has now over 1,000,000 quality original articles and over 377,510 expert authors sharing their best ezine articles. From business to holidays, shopping to entertainment, you can find articles about anything using the search option. Each article is unique in its own way. The main attraction for both author and publishers is that authors can upload articles and if the articles is good enough that some publishers like it then it can be published in different magazines, newsletters etc. In this way both authors and publishers get what they want and all this at one place.

EzineArticles.com - A content farm?

In February 2011, Google rolled out what has commonly been called its Farmer Update. The update aimed at targeting content farms, or websites with "shallow or low-quality content". EzineArticles.com is also one of the websites whose rankings have plummeted since the update.

For Authors

If you are an author then ezinearticles.com is the best place for you to start. Getting published in EzineArticles.com boosts your credibility and begins the trust cycle with your readership. For many authors, being listed with EzineArticles.com is an excellent way to get started, especially if you are a published author or hope to be published soon. Having your articles featured in EzineArticles.com builds brand equity for you, your business, and your expertise. It begins or reinforces in your customers' and prospects' minds what you can do for them. Your articles may be viewed by the millions of visitors that use ezinearticles.com every month. Your articles may be picked up by hundreds to thousands of highly-targeted content-hungry ezine publishers who each have thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of email list members of their own. That means your article and expertise may be exposed to hundreds of thousands or potentially even millions of people.

For Publishers

If you are a publisher then you can get thousands of articles on ezinearticles.com to publish them in your next issue. You can search any article or you can go to specific categories and then to subcategories to find the right articles available for you. You should take care of author's copyrights. You should also follow some restrictions applied by ezinearticles.com like you can publish 25 articles at the maximum each month.




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