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Gallerie Ezakwantu,(ezakwantu.com), an on line gallery situated in the historical village of Franschoek, South Africa, offers an enormous amount of information and the culture and tribal dress of the native people of Africa, particularly Southern Africa.

The site offers detailed, richly illustrated essays on the history of the Southern African tribes such as the Zulu, the Xhosa and the Sotho,as well as many papers on specific types of objects and cultural practices such as lip plugs, scarification, necklaces, pottery and head rests, to name but a few.

The man behind the site is American born Ken Karner, who has lived in Africa and collected African art for more than 30 years. He offers beadwork and many other african artworks including masks, weapons, carvings and tribal art books for sale in the gallery, but the historical reasearch and on line presentations are his labour of love. (He also includes his own highly individual opinions and comments on contemporary African history, personalities and events, such as a tribute to Nelson Mandela).

In short, the site is a a valuable and fascinating on line research tool for any serious student of African art and fascinating to visit.





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