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EZ-Zone Software Ltd. was incorporated in 1994. It is currently a privately held company. Our head office is located in Toronto, Ontario. Primary goals were to build database software solutions for the eye medical, holistic medicine and business client management industries.

EZ-Zone's main product is database management with an emphasis on client communication. Direct mail marketing and now web data collection with e-mail communication remain our primary strength. System query language (SQL) integrated in our products allows for user defined target marketing that results in "communication" newsletter campaigns with excellent results. The ability to communicate with your client database with sales penetration above and beyond "junk mail" and "regular" advertising mediums are our forte.

EZ-Zone databases are written on Microsoft Visual Fox Pro (R) programming language, which employs Rushmore technology for rapid data access. Referential databases are incorporated in each product that we manufacture for data integrity. Enterprise technology built into our software allows networking for multiple users to share client records in large organizations on local area network and/or a wide area network. Our user interface is popular among first time users for intuitive easy interaction.

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Ez-Zone Software Ltd.
Toronto ON
Canada M8X 1B3

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