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Imagine being able to sit down at any ordinary computer in an Internet cafe or public library, start up the resident web browser and access your personal desktop – along with your applications, messages, and information – with a click of your mouse button. Then, when you're done, you simply close the web browser to have all of the documents you've just worked on safely stored on your remote server, leaving nothing on the computer you've just been working on. This is the goal of the mobile desktop and operating system called eyeOS.

eyeOS is an Open Source Web Desktop Environment, commonly known as Web Operating System or Web Office. With eyeOS you can be organized, work and have fun anywhere, using your own personalzied Web Desktop. For using eyeOS, you only have to go to your eyeOS server (or use the official eyeOS public server) and log in with your username and password. If you don't have a username and password, you can create an account from there too.

Feel... the desktop

The new eyeOS 0.9 IRIS look has been designed to be clearer and more productive. The new icons, windows, bubbles and application designs are thought to provide the best user experience for eyeOS.

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