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Exit & Support Network™ began in 1993 as a complete resource for those individuals exiting from and researching the Worldwide Church of God or its affiliations. The founder of ESN is former WCG member L. A. Stuhlman, with background in business management and crisis intervention counselor.

At the time of WCG's new doctrinal changes many were exiting in mass numbers. From 1993 to 1998 ESN was available full time for phone calls, consulting, exit counseling, and to offer references and referrals to those who were seeking assistance in spiritual or therapeutic matters. Over 180,000 copies of printed material was mailed out at that time to researchers, professionals, ministries and exiters who contacted ESN. (See Research Articles on Worldwide Church of God) Many first-hand testimonies of psychological, financial and sexual abuses endured at the hands of Worldwide Church of God ministers were being relayed to ESN.

In February 1997 ESN's first website was launched and was named "WCG Exit & Support Network: A Worldwide Church of God Research Page." The site was down in 1999 due to restructuring. When it was launched again on February 27, 2000, many more articles for survivors were added and it soon included a new section on Philadelphia Church of God and Children Raised in Worldwide Church of God (now applicable for all child survivors). We also post information on certain WCG splinters that you may have questions about. The site continues to be updated and new articles added periodically.

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