Welcome to evor.com an interactive A-Music-ment Site and creator of the Virtual CD Mall. EvO:R is a huge resource website for Independent musicians and fans of great Independent music.


In 1998 I formed a very small musicians cooperative organization and we collectively called this EvO:R..At the time it really had no meaning, just a series of letters and a colon (:) for sport. The Letter eventually became something of importance as the letter represented the Elite Veterans Of Rock..

I had no proven idea about attracting musicians so I did the only thing I knew how, I simply approached musicians that had similar ideas to mine and asked them to join or little group. I felt that every new musician could bring additional knowledge and a service to our organizattion. It also became obvious that we could eventually use our numbers to create discounts for services that starving musicians pay through the noise for, like CD duplication, discounted compilation participation, indie radio broadcasting, and more (at that time an indie artist had to pay to be listed on a website). We could also band together and support each other by voting for fellow EvO:R bands when they are up for vote on those popularity contest sites.

After a few months we grow to over 100+ members but only about 15 people actively participating in the process to help achieve our vision for EvO:R. We created a message and a logo and I set up a modest website to explain what we planned. Shortly I began adding bands to the site and interest sky rocketed (because I did all the work), so I began to ask members that wanted to join our website to help me in some way s/a website design, page proof reading, check pages on multiple browsers, search engine submissions, radio DJ's, MP3 encoding and uploading, newsletter editing, as well as to participate in some of the other above mentioned projects.

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