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In an internet industry that you wouldn’t likely even imagine to exist, Evite.com seems to have all of the bases covered. Sending electronic invitations may soon replace the traditional card, due to the huge amount of options offered. Evite.com boasts that it saves “millions of dollars in paper invitations and postage” on a monthly basis.

- Evite.com doesn’t just send out invitations to events. It also helps to organize the events and keep your guest list straight. If you are in charge of planning a large number of events and you have to juggle around a huge list of guests, you have probably faced frustrations in keeping everything organized. Evite.com will help you with that, and it might even help you better the party since you will have a better idea of how many people to expect.

- When a prospective guest receives the invitation to the event, he will have the option of moving himself to one of several categories to allow the planner to have a better idea of who all will be coming. The default category is “Not Yet Replied”, and then the guest can move to “coming”, “not coming”, or “maybe”. It’s like a technological form of the RSVP that allows the planner to keep everything in one consolidated place.

- Evite.com has been criticized as being particularly tedious, since the invitee is required to go through the entire Evite.com process. He or she has to click through links in the email in order to find out detailed information about the party. But they might not even make it that far, since many email filters will block Evite.com invitations from ever being read by the intended recipient.

- Evite.com is a free service, supported by the advertisements on the web site. It can be taken advantage of by anyone, and will surely provide many people with a valuable service for years to come.

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Pesky popups and ads

I visited the site only to be assaulted by a barrage of popups and advertisements for unrelated content.

...not good.

  • posted by Anonymous on Jan 29, 2007, 5:00 am

The site requires that javascript be enabled in order for it to work, and there's no good reason for that. It excludes folks who think that it's their computer so they should decide what programs should run on it. Not good. If I get another of these stupid invites, I'm setting up a blackhole for the domains under my control. --Anonymous II

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