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About Us

The Every Merchant Network is a local marketing company based in New Jersey. Every Merchant combines cutting edge web marketing tactics with traditional marketing and pay per click campaigns which set us apart from other companies. Read More About Our History»

Our Services

Search Engine Marketing

Combining cutting edge SEO techniques with a Pay Per Click campaign and social media we provide a unique content-centered strategy for our clients.

Mobile Website Development

As mobile use and search continue to exponentially grow having a mobile website will become a priority in reaching your customers.

Social Media

Social media has the ability to reach more people faster than any other medium in history. We will optimize your social media pages to make sure they are being used to their maximum potential

Website Design

We make sure that we design and optimize your website to be the face of your business to the internet community.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click target specific keywords that are commonly searched on popular search engines when looking for a business like yours. We will manage this service for you and ensure that you are not missing out on possible opportunities

Tracking & Reporting

Page rank, authority, traffic, click through rate; what does it all mean? We will help break down these important metrics in an understandable way, and show you what they mean as far as getting more business.

Email Marketing

Email tracking and auto responses help you stay on top of your business leads.

Reputation Management

Take control of your online reputation. We will help you discover mentions of your business across the web as well as keep track of your web presence

Mobile Advertising

Already have a mobile site? We can help you advertise your business on popular mobile devices.

Mobile Apps

The app market place is exploding, be apart of the birth of this new community and make sure you maximize the potential of your business.

Local & Mobile Network Distribution

We will maximize your businesses visibility and optimize your advertising efforts on mobile applications.

Video Testimony

Videos are proven to increase search traffic and provides a unique user connection to your page.

Call Center Integration

50% of new costumer phone calls are sent to voice mail, and 70% of them are lost to other businesses. Take control of your inquiries with call center integration. our representatives will take new customer information and relay it to you.


Our team of marketing experts can consult with you directly on various issues that may be impacting your marketing and leading to poor business.

Ongoing Management & Growth

The web is constantly evolving and changing, we make online marketing as simple as possible for you so you can focus on managing you business. We will stay on top of the newest trends and cutting edge technologies in an ever changing world.

Would You Like to Know More?

Find a more indepth description of our services as well as a breakdown of packages at Our Website

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