EV-Charge America manufactures electric vehicle-charging software for use in smart grid programs and networked systems in a variety of locations throughout the United States. Among the products EV-Charge America produces are high quality networked charging systems for use in electric utility, commercial, industrial, and residential electric vehicle charging environments, as well as manufacturing the charging stations domestically as well.

EV-Charge America is committed to product and service excellence. The leaders of the company have backgrounds in such areas as cable communications, automotive manufacturing, and software development. Further, they have developed advanced software for businesses in industries ranging from aerospace, automotive engineering and industrial supply-chain management to hospitality and entertainment. The company strives to work with utilities providers and electrical grid stakeholders to develop a strong interface that will allow for the efficient use of charging stations and the electric grid of the future. As the use of electrical vehicles becomes more and more widespread, careful planning and well-thought-out implementation of charging technology is of particular importance.

EV-Charge America engages in its manufacturing activities in Las Vegas, where it maintains its headquarters. In its work, the company consistently strives to produce a variety of products that meet the needs of its clients and is thought of as the "best value in the industry".

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