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The district was formed in 2002 when Dawson and Forsyth counties from the Mountain district and Lumpkin county from Chattahoochee district joined together.

It was the name of one or more Cherokee settlements. One, which existed until the Removal of 1838, was upon the Etowah River, about where the present Hightower is located in Forsyth County Georgia. Another may have been on Hightowner Creek in Hiawassee River in Towns County Georgia. The name Itawa or Italwa, commonly written Etowah and corrupted to Hightower, cannot be translated and seems not to be of Cherokee origin.

It is the name of a former Cherokee settlement near the head of the Etowah River in Georgia. The Cherokees regard this a foreign name, and its occurrence in upper Georgia as well as central Alabama, may help to support the tradition that the southern Cherokee border was formally held by Creeks.

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Etowah District, Boy Scouts of America
Cumming GA
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