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Ethosia is one of Israel’s most respected international executive recruitment and human resource management firms. Its professional, intelligent approach is based on uncompromising, in-depth knowledge of the client’s business objectives and corporate culture. With this in hand, Ethosia becomes a full partner in the process, and utilizes its rich and extensive network to enhance our clients’ human capital position. Ethosia brings a fresh, professional perspective to human resources and recruitment in Israel, and is redefining the industry in terms of commitment to excellence and quality. ETHOSIA | The right people Ethosia employs industry experts, who know the ins and outs of hi-tech and biotechnology and are up-to-date on business trends. Professionals who are accountable to a job well done, our specialists focus solely on our clients’ industry and its needs. ETHOSIA | An intelligent, business-oriented approach Ethosia understands your business and the full ramifications of the human resources or executive recruitment assignment. Our hands-on approach means we personally execute the assignment and utilize our entire team to gather the required resources needed to meet our clients’ goals. ETHOSIA | Proven, comprehensive methodology Ethosia’s extensive industry and business contacts are fully exploited to advance our clients’ goals, as well as access to the latest industry trends. Internal research is also a valuable tool, and is used to systematically deliver the finest candidates. ETHOSIA | International reach Ethosia harnesses resources from the four corners of the world, to provide seamless, global solutions. Our international colleagues add local understanding of cultural sensitivities and in-depth knowledge of the local business environment. This is the foundation for an intelligent, mutually beneficial partnership to advance our clients’ business objectives. Ethosia strives for excellence in every aspect of its activity, and embraces the highest standards of professionalism and personal integrity in its relationships with corporations and candidates alike. Our clients’ needs and interests stand above all else, and we bring innovative thinking, flexibility and unrelenting attention to meet those needs. Specializing in middle management and executive recruitment in the hi-technology and biotechnology sectors, Ethosia provides clients with a critical value added services for a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Ethosia offers exceptional strategic counsel to both clients and promising candidates, empowering smart, effective decisions that are the foundation for long-term, viable investments in human capital. Ethosia understands that to build a mutually productive, strategic human resource amalgam requires nothing less than a full partner committed to protecting and nurturing the delicate balance of business, corporate culture and people. Ethosia is active in four primary areas: executive recruitment, assessment and testing, outsourcing and international. In each, we are uniquely poised to focus on the specific needs of our clients, offering tailored solutions that help companies develop intelligently and grow in the increasingly competitive global arena. Ethosia is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, and maintains close network ties with leading human resources firms in Europe, the U.S. and Asia Pacific.

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