The first gallon of Essiac distributed I the United States was made available in Salisbury, Massachusetts, in 1983. It was made available to the public by Arthur David, Charles Brusch, M.D.’s very close friend since 1943. Arthur and Dr. Brusch developed a close bond due to their mutual interest in saving lives. Arthur had purchased the rights to a product called “Harmazone” (in 1923) from Dr. Varney, a German Scientist. After an eight year partnership with Charles Brusch, M.D. and his partners Elmer Gove [master herbalist] and Arthur David, the exclusive rights to the 8 herb patented formula was conveyed to Linda Paulhus in 1986. Linda Paulhus was the first person to make the patented formula available internationally. A document signed by Dr. Brusch appears on the site. Ms. Paulhus appeared on WMUR-TV with individuals who had successfully used the product. For a copy of the segment, call: 1-800-642-1551.

The company also provides free research, education, and referrals to those with existing medical issues. A team, including Ms. Paulhus, has been conducting ALS [Lou Gehrig's Disease] and provides free use of scalar equipment to ALS patients.

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