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Unique, Handmade, One-of-a-Kind, Wire Art Jewelry

featuring: Ammolite, Dichroic Glass, Cameos, Tiffany Stone and other Designer Cabochons, Paua Pieces, Abalone Shell, & Blister Pearls

The jewelry on this site is handcrafted by myself, using wire art jewelry techniques. Half the fun of making jewelry is picking out the stones. I like to buy from independent lapidary artists and I tend to be drawn to rare and unusual stones, including ammolite, eudialyte, tiffany stone, and larimar.

I create my settings from precious metal wire. I am happy to work in solid gold wire and/or silver wire, but most of my pieces are done with 14K/20 gold filled wire. 14K/20 gold filled wire is basically a tube of 14K gold with a jeweler’s wire down the center for flexibility. It’s a pleasure to work with and it is a great value, delivering the benefits of gold at a price close to that of fine silver.

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