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Eraviperoor region was part of Pazhoor dynasty before AD10. This land was controlled by ten Brahmin families named Pathillthu Pottimar These families or Illams (Home of Brahmins) were almost disappeared during course of time. Some known Illams are Pachamkulam, Karainmeni, Karipoorillum and Tencherry. One of the famous Pazhoor king was “Eravi” it is believed that the name of this place – Eraviperoor came from his name. When you expand the name Eraviperoor in Malayalam It look like “ERAVIyude PERiulla OORu” simple means the land belongs to Eravi the king. Another meaning of Eravi is sun in Malayalam so it also believe the Eraviperoor is the ‘land with name of sun’. In modern history part of population in this region accepted Christianity at the early stages so both Hinduism and Christianity cherished for many centuries. The modern society is a mix of all community and religion. The economy got a boost when people from this village hailed to Metros, Middle East and America. This “NRI money” is controlling the local economy to a great extent.

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