ElevenWireless.com provides on-demand software for broadband networks.

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Eleven provides on-demand software for broadband networks, they specialize in providing high quality broadband /Wi-Fi services to centrally manage hotel guests broadband netwroks.Read more


  • ElevenOS is a versatile, cost-effective, on-demand software platform designed with hotels in mind. It offers unparalleled flexibility in the management and control of a hotel's Wi-Fi or wired public-access Internet network, be it a single property or an international chain. ElevenOS gives hotels the power to vastly expand service offerings. improve the guest experience, promote their brand in a consistent manner throughout a single property or across the chain, enable reporting customized for each staff member's role and increase revenue opportunities. View demo.
  • ElevenBC is a complete turnkey business center, in-room or lobby computer solution that delivers guests an optimum experience with the tools they need for work or play. End-to-end manageability makes this system the right choice for 3-5 star hotels striving to deliver high-quality guest experience at a reasonable price. View demo

Company History

Eleven incorporated in 2002 with the goal of delivering Wi-Fi software solutions. Because the market was nascent, commercial public broadband networks were difficult to find. The company placed its initial efforts in deploying hotel broadband networks. Soon, Eleven found an unaddressed need and shifted to address it: software to centrally manage broadband networks. The early hotel broadband deployments gave Eleven experience and understanding of the unique customer demands of this segment. This helped lay the groundwork for the company to become an emerging leader in products and services delivered over broadband.

Eleven was recognized as early-stage company of the year in 2005 by the largest entrepreneurial organization in the Pacific Northwest. Eleven’s on-demand software is used in many of the leading hotel properties throughout the United States and the world.



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