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EcoBuddies™ Interactive

EcoBuddies Interactive Ltd. is a Vancouver-based company that recently launched its same-named website at []. Ecobuddies’ goal is to normalize environmental concepts for children who are 5-12 years of age and provide them with a world of games, fun, and friends. EcoBuddies is currently beta testing and will be fully functional by the end of this year.

EcoBuddies is a moderated site with staff monitoring children’s on-line chatting to make sure that they are safe during on-line play. EcoBuddies also has a moderator button, chat logs, and a full chat/safe chat feature to ensure kids’ security.

EcoBuddies is a socially responsible company focusing on educating children about environmentalism and its co-founders have stated that they will share future profits with charities working with children and the environment.

The website is based on eco-systems with the first ‘launched’ world mirroring the west coast of British Columbia, Oregon, Washington, and California. Kids’ avatars who are named ‘Buddies’ (in the form of lovable hamsters) first enter a hub, seemingly in the middle of the earth, and then travel through a tube to the west coast. Additional tubes will be added that will take users to areas like the desert, jungle, and ocean.

The world of EcoBuddies is filled with fun and adventure for children. Their Buddies (or avatars) can currently buy houses and furniture, dress in a large selection of costumes, and in the future will be able to purchase pets and other curios. There is also a large selection of games for Buddies to play, such as bowling, hang-gliding, blasting comets, and dancing.

EcoBuddies is the newest kids’ social networking site out there. Come check us out!

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