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The Torah Umesorah CREATIVE LEARNING PAVILION was launched in 1986, the fulfillment of a vision that Torah teachers across the world would be able to benefit from the expertise and creativity of their colleagues. While general studies faculty have vast resources at their disposal on virtually every educational level, Judaic studies teachers have had far fewer options, and responded by creating and recreating their own systems, materials, methods, games and resources.

If necessity is the mother of invention, then hard work is the mother of success! With this in mind came a worldwide community of mechanchim and mechanchos who consistently endeavor to provide top-notch resources for their students. The Creative Learning Pavilion was established in order to network together all of these valuable tools, and to foster an environment of sharing under the umbrella of Torah Umesorah, the National Society of Hebrew Day Schools.

Mrs. Rivkah Gartenhaus and Mrs. Shana Kramer, Co-Directors of the project at its inception, collected the initial 250 sheets for the first display at the National Torah Umesorah Convention. The collection, under the enthusiastic leadership of Shana Kramer and a devoted cadre of volunteers, has blossomed into an astounding 11,000+ sheets, as well as hundreds of photographs, posters and 3-dimensional projects. Through the CLP, talented mechanchim donate the fruits of their hard labor to share with other teachers, raising the level of chinuch for our children.

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