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ElderCare Online - Information, Education, and Support for Elderly and Alzheimer's Caregivers


Our goal is to provide information, education and support to families caring for aging loved ones, especially those coping with Alzheimer's Disease and related dementias. We believe that whether you are caring for a spouse, parent, relative or neighbor, you can learn and grow from the caregiving journey. To that end, we provide knowledge, tools and community to help caregivers improve the quality of life for both themselves and their aging loved ones.

Prism Innovations, Inc. publishes the ElderCare Online and ALZwell Caregiver Support websites; distributes print and electronic (online and CD-Rom) booklets and workbooks as part of the Prism Caregiver Education Series; and offers specialized editorial consultations and knowledge management services for eldercare professionals and companies.

Our websites are popular destinations for caregivers. They are more than just online magazines: they offer access to a dynamic community of caregivers and professionals; provide time-saving tools and resource directories; and provide a safe outlet for emotions.

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