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Case Study: Hilton Sets the Table for Increases in Catering Revenue with New Database Solution. Learn how Hilton improved its business analysis process by establishing more accurate pricing and financial planning.

Combo printer/scanner/copiers are turning single-purpose inkjet printers into an endangered species -- and the newest edition of HP's cutest, most compact three-in-one is a jaw-dropping deal at $80. But behind its easy operation and attractive output lurks the specter of razors-and-blades marketing ... with the blades aimed right at your wallet. [more Peripherals]

In the PC industry, it's hard to imagine bigger news than processor powerhouse AMD acquiring graphics titan ATI, and it's hard not to imagine exciting new possibilities for ultra-integrated platforms or combination CPU/video chips. The new AMD's relations with third-party chipset and graphics vendors may be sticky, however -- and relations with Intel and Nvidia seem likely to get a lot colder. [more Chips & Upgrades]

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