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EarthLink is one of the premier internet product and service providers in the United States. They currently serve over five million individual and business customers in the U.S. EarthLink was on the forefront of the free dial-up craze of the early internet and has grown to be an industry leader in their products, services, and customer support.

EarthLink aims to offer dial-up, high-speed, voice, web hosting and wireless services for both individuals and businesses alike. They believe in high-quality connectivity, minimal online interference, and that your web experience should be customizable to fit your needs.

For dial-up service, EarthLink offers plans varying from $13.75 per month up to $21.95 with monthly or annual commitments. Their dial-up service includes: antivirus and firewall protection, an easy conversion from your old e-mail platform, Earthlink Accelerator to allow you to surf faster, fast and reliable connections, free 24/7 phone customer support and free blocking tools for virus, spyware, spam, scam, pop-ups and parental controls.

EarthLink high-speed internet has four options, which are: cable, DSL, satellite and Wi-Fi. Earthlink’s satellite service is through DirectWay and is on the leading edge of satellite service. EarthLink often has special offers to save you money on both their satellite equipment and installation. With Earthlink’s Wi-Fi solution you can surf the web anywhere in your home with one connection.

Earthlink has options for both small and large business internet needs. They offer DSL options, T1 and T1/T3 Enterprise solutions. They can meet the needs of an office with 3 users or one with a million.

Using voice-over-IP technology (VoIP) EarthLink offers two options for your telephone needs, MindSpring and trueVoice. Both options use your high-speed internet connection for phone connectivity.

For your cellular phone needs, Earthlink offers service for your Helio device. A Helio can connect to the web, used as a phone, a GPS device, play games, play music, and many other popular functions of today’s hand-held solutions.

EarthLink is based in Atlanta, Georgia and appears poised for success over the long-haul. What started out as a smallish internet company in the late 1990’s has grown well and managed to do well in keeping up with new and emerging technology. Earthlink has continued to expand in its largest markets around the U.S. and has worked on its goal of becoming a total communications provider for the years to come.



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