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Organic Growth

In the competitive world of marketing, companies often seek to grow organically, without the acquisition of other product lines. Lots of companies encourage their stockholders by growing via acquiring other companies; however, this is not true growth. EMM works with the companies to actually create organic growth within their own business.

EMM's Mission

Our mission is to accelerate our client’s organic growth. We will help them achieve organic growth rapidly and leave them with the internal capability to grow continuously. We will accomplish our mission by applying our unique best practice tool set using our proprietary decision accelerator system. We will deploy our tools and system with experienced senior executives.

EMM Group - "The Brand Surgeons"

EMM Group started operations in 2000, after splitting away from Accenture. EMM provides marketing-related consulting services and through this consultation it helps clients achieve organic growth. To accomplish this, EMM Group has identified four key strategies: A company must gather intelligence about the market; focus on the segments of that market, wherein lie the greatest opportunities; focus on meeting the needs of that market segment; and finally, establish a stream of products which continually deliver the brand promise to that segment.

EMM Group is prepared to help companies accomplish this strategy. They do so, not by developing a plan and then leaving company to work it out on its own, but by working side-by-side to build these capabilities into the workforce. EMM boasts that they deploy only experienced leaders to conduct workshops. They provide trainers and coaches, not consultants, thus embedding capability in a company rather than offering nebulous ideas.

Center For Marketing Excellence

A Center for Marketing Excellence has been instituted by the group, and offers training in marketing skills. Successful completion of the courses will result in the awarding of an Accredited Marketing Professional Certificate. Courses include such basic topics as Brand Building, Promotion, Development of a Media Plan, Public Relations and more. The Center is located in San Francisco, California.


EMM is special because...

The top level employees fly internationally to work with companies one-on-one. Usually marketing companies throw their cases to marketing teams. Companies that work with EMM always work directly with the principals of the company.

At the website, EMMGroup.net, one can read much more about the methods and success stories of the EMM Group. There is also a wealth of information available for free in the Library. Several articles are presented under the following headings: Annual Planning, Brand Equity, Consumer Insights, and Consumer Segregation. There are also white papers addressing specific tasks. For small enterprises unable to pay for professional help to improve their market share, this resource offers an amazing amount of quality information.

EMM Group not only helps companies listen to the voice of the customer, but teaches them to use that voice as a marketing tool. A proprietary database will be built containing customer demographics, product usage patterns, motivations, and purchasing patterns. This data will be analyzed, giving return on investment figures to the client. Gaps in the data can be identified, and a long-term research plan developed.

People at EMM

As the founder of EMM Group, Hunter Hastings brings a strong background from working for a number of nationally recognized companies. He seeks to improve effectiveness and efficiency to increase top-line sales for brands. Other executives include Satprit Duggal, an expert in market growth, Betsy Farner for finance, and Peter Bates representing advertising and communications.

Major Cleints


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EMM Group helped us assess our situation, highlighting what already worked well and defining core methodologies around core marketing practices.... It then helped us design and build the infrastructure to support this. Its deep knowledge of Brand Building and real world marketing experiences ...[resulted] in quality output for our marketing community.

Vice-president of Marketing Excellence at Gillette
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